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    Switchboard designs, manufactures, and markets Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) Switchboards and has served private sector industries, commercial buildings & data center with premium quality

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    Panel LVMDB (Low Voltage Main Distribution Board)We provide LVMDB Panel as the main distribution panel, an incoming panel distribution transformer substation PLN 20 KV and outgoing panel to SDB (Sub Distribution Board) at each target load setting. Design, Specifications & prices adjust to the needs and requests served system. Please contact us if you have further questions and to conduct field

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  • Capacitor bank

    Capacitor Banks improve the power factor by adding capacitive reactance in steps as per the power factor requirement.Power factor controller constantly monitors the load (and power factor) of the system on LV Panel and switch on/ off the capacitor steps to maintain the system power factor to the set value. It provides optimum power factor improvement to compensate for lagging Vars in the system, seen as a clean and reliable solution to

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